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Commercial Diving

The expertise you need.

The expertise

Quest was formed primarily as a civil engineering diving company and diving is still a very important part of our business with experience in most under water operations.

Our commercial divers and commercial diving personnel are trained and certified in line with all UK legislation and can be deployed to any UK or international location at short notice.

Our modern surface demand diving equipment can also be mobilised at short notice.

We are a full member of the Association of Diving Contractors.

Quest Underwater Service
Quest Underwater Service
Quest Underwater Service

State of the art technology.

Quest provides a very extensive range of diving services but some of the main services
we provide are listed below:

•   Air diving to 50 metres water depth

•   Inspections and Surveys
-   Visual, Photographic, video
-   Underwater steel thickness measurements (using Cygnus ultrasonic thickness gauge)

•   Marine construction and civil engineering
-   Coded underwater welding
-   Ultrathermic cutting/burning (BROCO)
-   Hydraulic/ pneumatic drilling
-   Air lifting
-   Underwater concreting

•   Cathodic Protection systems
-   Instillation of sacrificial anodes
-   Instillation and inspection of impressed current systems
•    Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
-    Extensive experience in dealing with surveys, investigations and consultancy relating to possible Underwater Ordinance
-    Specialist Ex military divers and consultants

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